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Our goal is to develop and support
health and performance.


Dodgy Elbows

Dodgy Elbows Click here to download the pdf which contains the full rehab program. More recalcitrant than Castro, though less charismatic, elbow pain is the most common and debilitating of chronic climbing injuries. It might be called golfer’s or tennis elbow, but it is climbers (and professional knitters) who are most likely to suffer the […]

Ankles Away

Ankles Away Climbing Doc Julian saunders gives the lowdown on boulders’ most injured joint Click here to download the pdf Highball atmospherics are the elixir of life. Once you start doing them, nothing else will quench your thirst in the same way. Like narcotics, great sex with someone you don’t like and pre-emptive strikes, this […]

What we offer

We provide a range of services
for people looking improve their health and performance.

Climbing Injury Treatment

We specialise in diagnosing and treating climbing specific injuries to get you back climbing to your potential.

International Consulting

We offer International Consulting for climbers that cannot attend the clinic in person. This service via video link allows us to help diagnose, advise and manage injury rehab.


A hands on approach to rehab is available for those able to attend the clinic in person.

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